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Our new address is 111 Canal St., Mobile, AL 36603



The Mobile Community Corrections Center’s programs, designed with the public’s safety in mind, offer the criminal justice system an opportunity to increase an offender’s accountability, provide restitution to the victim, tailor the sentence to an offender’s crime and rehabilitative needs, reduce the cost of punishment, and ensure that scarce and costly prison cells are reserved for those from whom the public needs protection.

The goal of the Mobile Community Corrections Center is to provide the courts with appropriate alternatives to incarceration. These programs maintain effective, efficient, and safe management of offenders within our community.

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Our Programs

Community Corrections Program (CCP)

The Community Corrections Program (CCP) identifies certain felony offenders who can be punished safely within the community by utilizing sentencing options that range from deferred sentences to incarceration. There are different requirements that qualify ...


The Kiosk Program is a fully automated reporting system where a person on the Pretrial Release or Probation Programs can complete routine interviews through a kiosk machine. The offender's identity is verified by a bio-metric fingerprint scan. Offenders w ...

Community Service

The Community Service Program allows offenders to complete court ordered community service in the Mobile Community. Offenders are sentenced by the  District and Circuit Courts in the 13th Judicial Circuit. Requirements: Pay administrative fee Perform ...

Drug Court

The Mobile Drug Court is a comprehensive substance abuse intervention program. The program is designed to intervene once a person is charged with a substance abuse or related offense. Treatment is spread over a twelve-month period and aids in the reductio ...

Electronic Monitoring

The Electronic Monitoring Program allows offenders an alternative to incarceration by wearing an electronic bracelet. These offenders are able to report to work if approved by a judge but are required to go directly home afterwards. This program determine ...

Probation (Jail Diversion)

Probation (Jail Diversion) is a formal probationary program that provides a high level of supervision including the monitoring of the offender, the enforcement of ordered probationary conditions, and the opportunity for self-improvement and rehabilitation ...

Pretrial Services and Intake Unit

Pretrial Services identifies and assists those persons in jail and unable to post bond. Primarily, the program supervises nonviolent persons with cases pending before the District Court, Grand Jury or Circuit Court. A Pretrial investigation involves the f ...

AOD Laboratory

The AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs) Laboratory Unit is designed to do non-custody urinalysis drug testing. The laboratory staff performs all necessary precautions to ensure the integrity of all the urine samples submitted for testing. The major duties of t ...

Inside Out Program

Mobile Community Corrections Center’s Inside Out Program provides women and men in Mobile County, Alabama the opportunities to successfully reintegrate into society by focusing on a holistic approach to gain stability, build positive relationships, obtain ...